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Scholarships for Black and African American STEM Majors


While students of all races enter STEM majors at around the same rates, a study published in Education Researcher shows that 40% of Black and African American students switch out of STEM majors before earning a degree. Researchers suggest this high percentage could be due to many Black students in STEM not having access to the academic and financial resources that help support students through the completion of the program.


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11 Scholarships for women in STEM


Even as the number of women in STEM fields continues to grow, many find it hard to cover the cost of a STEM education. That’s where scholarships designed for women in STEM come in.


These scholarships can help minimize the cost of college and help female students pursue their dreams. Read below for the best STEM scholarships for female college students.


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STEM Scholarships for the Latinx Community


STEM scholarships for Hispanic students can make it easier to pursue your educational dreams without worrying about where the money to pay tuition will come from. 


Whether you are looking for Hispanic engineering scholarships or other types of educational funding set aside for the Latinx community, there are plenty of options out there. 


Check out some of these great scholarship opportunities, as well as some resources where you can find additional funding for school.


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This Semester’s book discussion will be happening Wednesdays 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. CST

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Research Opportunities


Seeking Latine and Hispanic Professors in STEM

As part of the Hiring Interventions for Representation and Equity (HIRE) Alliance project funded by the National Science Foundation (HRD-2113355), and we are looking for research participants for our study.

Specifically, we are looking to interview STEM teaching-focused (either in teaching-focused institutions or in teaching-focused roles at research intensive institutions) faculty in higher education about their pathways to the professoriate.
If you are interested, please complete this interest survey:
Please contact Natascha Buswell with your questions at, and please pass on this call to anyone you know who might be interested!

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