Welcome to the ASEE Minorities in Engineering Division (MIND)

MIND is the Minorities in Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

The division is concerned with programs to improve preparation, recruitment and retention of students at pre-college, undergraduate and graduate levels in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, and with the need to increase the number of minority STEM faculty. The division also works to increase diversity in the STEM workforce.

The division is open to all members of ASEE, and you are encouraged to join.

Getting Involved

The ASEE CDEI is seeking leaders for the following teams for the upcoming school year to help us activate our new board-approved strategic plan. Please note that experience is NOT required, and we welcome burgeoning leaders and scholars to build skills through the practice of leading a CDEI group. We are here to support and coach as much as needed. Curious what is expected? Read the new strategic plan, skim through the leader form, or ask me any questions.


  • Spotlight Team: The Spotlight Team will exercise influence to promote DEI in ASEE publications and will partner with the Awards Committee to spotlight scholars and DEIJ in engineering success stories on our website.
  • Institutional Change Team: The Institutional Change team will support HQ as a partner on DEI issues as needed, and leaders of divisions, sections, and zones to conduct organizational Equity Audits.
  • Encouragement Team: The Encouragement Team will support members in embracing difficult conversations with openness and empathy and handling discomfort and burnout inherent in DEI work.
  • Community Building Team: The Community-Building Team will provide community-building activities that nurture the well-being of our membership.
  • Volunteer to lead: Please note that the form includes all committees, but some leaders have already been identified and selected. If another committee/team sparks your interest, you can complete the form to let us know. 
  • Volunteer to participate: If you cannot lead this year but want to volunteer for any of our six committees and five new teams, we encourage you to do so!
9/16 at 1 CT: How to become an inclusive leader, a 90-minute virtual workshop hosted by the ASEE CDEI and led by Meagan Pollock, Ph.D. Learn more | Register here

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